Meet New Friends. Taste Great Wine.

Learn more about wine tastings in Albany, NY

Do you have a passion for all types of wine? Do you love making new friends? Would you love to improve your ability to select the perfect bottle of wine? If these statements are true of you, then it's time to attend a tasting at the wine store at Top Shelf Wine & Spirits. We hold exciting events where you'll sample our fine wine and learn more about the art of wine tasting.

To schedule one of our wine tastings in Albany, NY, call 518-275-0644 today.

Why should you attend a wine tasting?

If you already know a thing or two about vino, you may be wondering why you should attend a tasting? There are so many great reasons, starting with your love for wine! Here are some other reasons to head to a tasting at our wine store:

  • You'd like to be better at selecting wines
  • You want to meet other wine enthusiasts
  • You don't understand the subtle differences between wines
  • You love the experience of pairing good wine and good food

Come check out our wine selection! We offer wine tastings every Friday and Saturday. Give us a call or stop by to see the selection of tasting wines available for purchase. Reach out to learn more about our monthly wine tastings in Albany, NY.